Atlas Bhutan Tour & Travel

Visit Bhutan though Atlas Bhutan Tour & Travel to enjoy the enchanting landscapes, Valley Mountain and passes to witness the towering peaks of the Himalayas medicinal herbs and century old Buddhist Mountain. Visit Bhutan to breathe in the pristine fresh air mingled with sweet fragrance of flowers and herbs. This is the
place on the earth wherein we could forget the agonies pains and sorrows of the modern world afflicted by the senseless consumerism and competitions. Explore from the modern woes by soaking yourself into the rhythm and melody of nature Bhutan.

Atlas Bhutan Tour & Travel heartily welcomes you to the kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan is also known as Drukyul, the last surviving land Shangri la on the earth, the land of Gross National Happiness (GNH). Atlas Tour and Travel makes your travel to this Himalayan Buddhist kingdom a unique experience away from the hustle and
bustles moving world.

We guarantee the following services:

a. Comfortable company and transport facilities.
b. Experienced and friendly staff to attend to your needs.
c. Professional guides to guide you into the mythical world of Drukyul.
d. Prompt response to your queries relating to travel to Bhutan.